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Who is First Security Mortgage?

First Security Mortgage Corporation is a MORTGAGE BANKING firm which has done business throughout Ohio since 1979.  As a “mortgage bank”, we originate, process, obtain approval, and direct the closing of every loan we make.

We offer FHA Insured, VA Guaranteed and USDA Guaranteed loans.  Like a bank, we also offer CONVENTIONAL loans, with and without Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI).

What People Are Saying About Us

At First Security Mortgage, we take our work very seriously, as we have a responsibility to our customers to make sure they are making informed decisions and are moving through the loan process with ease. Our reputation is what contributes to our success year after year. We encourage you to search our online reviews and visit our testimonials page to hear about others’ experiences with us through their home loan process. When looking for the best mortgage lender in Ohio, we hope our reputation speaks for itself!

A Loan Made Just For You

Because mortgage loans are uniquely individual, First Security Mortgage Corporation offers a wide range of loan programs tailored to your specific needs, whether for home buying and or home refinancing. Like a bank, we make Conventional Loans, as well as FHA Insured, VA (Guaranteed) and USDA Guaranteed loans. USDA Guaranteed loans. Programs offered include Fixed Rate Mortgages, Adjustable Rate Mortgages, First Time Home Buyer loans, construction and home improvement loans, debt consolidation loans, Investment Property loans and loans for those with less than perfect credit.

  • We are a FHA “Direct Endorsement” Lender

FHA has given First Security Mortgage Corporation the privilege of approving FHA loans on their behalf.  We are a VA “Automatic” Lender. 

  • We are a VA “Automatic Approval” Lender

Like FHA, VA has given First Security Mortgage Corporation the privilege of approving loans on their behalf.

  • We make Conventional Loans

We offer conventional financing with 3% down payment, and loans with Lender Paid Mortgage Insurance (LPMI) are also available. With 20% down payment, PMI is not required. Our conventional loans “conform” to the guidelines set forth by Fannie Mae (FNMA) and Freddie Mac (FHLMC). We can also finance unique situations and “non-conforming” or Jumbo loan amounts.

When to Call Us

If you are entering into the home buying process, the first thing you should do, even before selecting your Realtor, is contact your mortgage lender. Here at First Security Mortgage, we are experienced in working with first-time home buyers and seasoned home buyers alike. We will gather your information and help you understand the price range of homes you should be looking for based on your qualifications. Knowing your budget and what it will mean for you before you make the purchase, will help you make an informed decision when shopping for a home. We will also be able to discuss the different loan types and what fits your needs best. And finally, when you find the home you love, you will have your loan preapproval letter in hand so the seller knows you are serious about your purchase.

Another time to call us is for home refinancing. If you believe your interest rate is high or your remaining loan term is too long and would like to explore your options for refinancing, our team would be happy to assist you. Sometimes, due to circumstances such as a low credit score or lack of credit, at first a home buyer may only qualify for a certain type of loan. But with years of equity and faithful payments, the same homeowner may have new rate and term options available to them that better meet their financial goals. That is exactly the type of expertise our loan originators have here at First Security Mortgage; the knowledge and experience to help you into a more beneficial loan agreement.

You should also give us a call if you are thinking about putting on that addition or doing an extensive remodel on your home. We have options we can walk you through for second and third mortgage loans to assist you with making that dream come true and spreading out the cost.

We want you to always feel comfortable calling us with any mortgage questions you might have no matter what stage of the process you are in!

Applying For a Home Loan

Let our team be your trusted advisors through the loan process. Mortgage loans are uniquely individual and we offer a wide range of residential loan programs that can be tailored to your needs. You can easily see what options are available to you by filling out our Quick Application. With a little insight, we will be able to recommend the perfect loan program for your needs.

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